4th Virtual Conference on Cancer Science and Oncology

September 27-28, 2021      13:30 - 23:00 IST (India time)

Webinar, Online Event

Scientific Program

Inovine Meetings LLC is a renowned organization that organizes highly notable nursing conferences throughout the globe. After the successful conference of

  1. World Congress on Cancer Science and Therapy, July 15-17, 2019, Rome, Italy
  2. 2nd World Congress on Cancer Science and Therapy, December 02-03, 2019, Bangkok, Thailand
  3. Webinar on Cancer Science and Oncology, March 10-11, 2021

Inovine Meetings LLC is bringing forward another conference on “4th Virtual Conference on Cancer Science and Oncology” scheduled during September 27-28, 2021 with a theme of “Explore the Latest Innovative Treatment & Prevention of Oncology & Cancer Challenges”. The conference invites all the participants across the globe to attend and share their insights and convey recent development technologies and methodologies in the field of Cancer Science and Oncology.

Taking the Covid-19 Pandemic into consideration, 4th World Cancer Summit 2021 is scheduled as a HYBRID Event - you can attend as in person at Virtually from your home or work place. We believe that our decision will allow many more people to participate in the event.

4th World Cancer Summit 2021 will offer an unparalleled vision to get associated with leading Scientists, Academicians, and Specialists & Medical professionals coming from all over the world. It is also an immense platform to present and discuss the most significant advances and concerns in the field of Cancer Science, Hematology and Oncology.

This two-day Conference will give the chance to promote knowledge exchange and network with a wide audience in the field of Tissue Engineering to share the latest research that will enable the best outcomes. Incredibly famous speakers, the latest advancements, improvements, and the most up to data in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine are signs of Conference.

4th World Cancer Summit 2021 offer a front line program of prestigious worldwide speakers, pro simultaneous sessions, short paper and notice introductions drawing in more than 200 specialists from Cancer Researchers, Scientists, Oncology Researchers, Oncology Faculty, Medical Colleges, Scientists, Doctors, Professors, Oncology Lecturers, Researchers, Pharmaceutical Industries, Healthcare Industries, Directors of Association and Societies, Cancer and Radiology Training Institutes, Staff development educators.

Target Audience:

Radiology and Oncology Students, Cancer Researchers, Scientists, Radiology and Oncology Researchers, Radiology and Oncology Faculty, Medical Colleges, Scientists, Doctors, Professors, Oncology Lecturers, Researchers, Pharmaceutical Industries, Healthcare Industries, Directors of Association and Societies, Cancer and Radiology Training Institutes, Staff development educators.


Conference Speakers

Mollah Obayedullah Baki

Mollah Obayedullah Baki

President, Bangladesh Cancer Society
Lakshmipathi Vadlakonda

Lakshmipathi Vadlakonda

Professor (Retd.) Cell biology
Kakatiya University
Dalia Ali Aboutaleb

Dalia Ali Aboutaleb

6th of October University
Pavithra Balakrishnan

Pavithra Balakrishnan

Tbilisi State Medical University
Karen A Cabiloque

Karen A Cabiloque

Klinika Karena Aesthetics and
Regenerative Clinic
Ahmad Mujtaba Barekzai

Ahmad Mujtaba Barekzai

Ghazanfar Institute of Health Science, Minister of Public Health
Getinet M. Adinew

Getinet M. Adinew

Florida A&M University
Aurelian V. Udristioiu

Aurelian V. Udristioiu

Titu Maiorescu University
Ganesan Sivamani

Ganesan Sivamani

A.V.V.M. Sri Pushpam College
Mohammad Saleh Safari

Mohammad Saleh Safari

Veterinary Faculty of Science and Research
Branch of Islamic Azad University
A. C. Matin

A. C. Matin

Stanford University School of Medicine
United States
Desak Gede Agung Pramesti Devi

Desak Gede Agung Pramesti Devi

Airlangga University


SRM Institute of Science and Technology
Jyotsna Singh

Jyotsna Singh

Banaras Hindu University
Abdullah Masud

Abdullah Masud

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon at
Dental & Maxillofacial Surgery Centre
Tshepang Mahlangu

Tshepang Mahlangu

Hamad Medical Corporation &
Kings College London


Conference Sessions & Tracks

  • Cancer Biology & Genetics
  • Organ-Defined Cancers
  • Oncology: Sub-Specialities
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Cancer & Stem Cell Therapy
  • Precision Cancer Medicine & Oncology
  • Cancer Biomarkers
  • Cancer Epidemiology
  • Radiology
  • Cancer Prevention & Research
  • Cancer Therapy & Treatments
  • Cancer Pharmacology
  • Cancer Vaccines
  • Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy
  • Oncology Nursing and Care
  • Complementary & Alternative Methods and Cancer
  • Cancer Awareness and Survival
  • Cancer: Lifestyle and Nutrition
  • Cancer: Psychological & Social Aspects
  • Cancer Science
  • Breast and Cervical Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal Cancer and Therapeutics
  • Lung Cancer
  • Hematology
  • Nuclear Oncology
  • Theranostics Diagnostic and Therapeutics
  • Cancer And Its Relevance With Other Diseases
  • Managing Cancer Care & Patient Support
  • Advances In Cancer Research And Treatment
  • Radiology And Imaging Technologies
  • Cancer Causes And Risk Factors
  • DNA Damage, Mutation and Cancer
  • Cancer Prevention Vaccines
  • Clinical and Medical Case Reports
  • Medical Imaging For Cancer
  • Cancer Pathology And Genetics
  • Cancer R&D Market Analysis
  • Surgical And Clinical Oncology
  • Cancer Screening & Diagnosis
  • Cancer Nanotechnology
  • Oncolytic Virus And Cancer
  • Organ Specific Cancer
  • Nutrition And Metabolism
  • MicroRNA and Cancer
  • SNP And Cancer

Media Partners

Who can Attend

  • Radiology and Oncology Students
  • Cancer Researchers
  • Pharma Companies
  • Oncology Researchers
  • Radiology and Oncology Faculty
  • Medical Colleges
  • Oncology Lecturers
  • Oncology Associations & Societies
  • Pharmaceutical Industries Healthcare Industries
  • Directors of Association and Societies
  • Cancer and Radiology Training Institutes
  • Staff development educators

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  • Global & Local expertise
  • Prospective attendees
  • Larger worldview of the profession
  • Open gateway towards innovation
  • Transparency communication
  • We focus on your career growth
  • We're passionate about what we do
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